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    Electromagnetic waves
    Renewal Energy

  • Newest Evidence Report of User in japan factory(Apr 2018yr)
  • Base Oil VS SN Heavy Oil(Base oil in Water rate 30% up) by installation factory in Japan
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  • EcoPrana released collection and a reuse technology with Over 60% of CO2
  • EP CO2 Capture & Reusable of EP Patent technology. (Gasification of 1,300 and CO2 separation and collection of 1400 and Reusable to Over 1600, SN OIL:10L/h Air:10Nm3/h)@
  • Open Video of EP Fire System
  • Gasification liquid fuel technology(GLF of EP's Patent =Base heavy oil vs Base heavy oilL of GLF)
  • We are made in gasification fuel from biomass coal tar to CWS.
  • SN OIL capacity has more1500burning@be based on proven science.(Updating :2016yr,31th March)
  • EcoPrana solicit for general agency over the world.
  • SN OIL of EP's patent technology is molecular bond.
  • Video of@SN HFO Manufacture(Water 35% molecularly-bonded )
  • Video of@SN HFO Engine test(Water 40% molecularly-bonded )
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  • Super New Nano OIL
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Open an infinite of possibilities

Development of Japan's first third energy

We have succeeded in putting electromagnetic wave heat energy into practical use by elementary particle collision technology.
1. All liquid energy industries from land aquaculture to hot water are possible.

Practical model start!

(Updating :2020yr,Dec 8th)

New Energy Start!

The successful electromagnetic waves renewal energy developed 
by EP'S academic-industry partnership.

(Updating :2018yr,Nov 1th)

We succeeded in a proof plant with proof. EcoPrana completely burns it from heavy oil to pace oil. EP Fire System provides 1,600 degrees easily
.(Updating:2017yr,4th July)

We started a cooperation study towards the future.@

Center for Regenerated Energy Creative at Kyoto University - Ecoprana.(Updating :2017yr,8th Feb)

Waht's EP's Big 3 system.
#1. Low-carbon energy
<EP's suggest the low-carbon technology to improve 30% UP of discharge carbon dioxide.>
#2. Renewable energy
<EP's suggest the renewable energy of improving 40% of further efficiency of bio, coal, the all oil fuel.>
#3. Energy-saving technology
<EP's suggest power generation and exothermic energy at super low cost.>
*Data level grounds. / We calculated it under the approval apparatus of the clean development mechanism (CDM) project.
(The technical proof, please refer to the following proof result video. /Basis oil and condition comparison.)
(Updating :2016yr,7th June)

EcoPrana's patent technology succeeded in a gasification of the liquid fuel.
onditions Precedent=SN OIL for Gasification / 30 minutes progress
Reproduction hyperspace combustion system of the world first reproduction energy.
When the flame center part of the reproduction combustion is beyond 1,500 degrees, distinguishing it is impossible

=Conditions Precedent=
The same heavy oil/Same flow/Same nozzle/Same pressure spray
Heavy Oil/Biomass/Coal-Water Slurry fuel/Pulverized fuel to Gasification by EP Fire System for Worldwide!!
(Updating :2016yr,18th April)

SN OIL proves the quality of two years stable keeping it for a long time!
(Updating :2015yr,7th October)

We showed an introduction factory results effect.
(Updating :2015yr,18th September)

EcoPran showed an introduction results factory video in Japan.
We succeed in reduction for CO2 and the mileage more than 30%.
The following URL.
(Updating :2015yr,27th August)

SN OIL of EP succeeded as environmental improvement fuel. The results level can reduce CO2.Nox.Sox more than 30%.
(Updating :2015yr,20th July)

Supremacy of Eco Prana technology
The Manufacturing technology of SN (Super Nano) OIL ! It is possible to use of quantity of heat and heat source generating repeatedly and almost permanently.

We are pioneer patent company of energy conservation &@environmental countermeasure technology.

=EcoPrana Japan announcement=
We are recruiting agency to member of Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The feature of EP SN OIL technology

Ultrafine nanotechnology of EP Via PCT Patent The stable supply by the formation (nanotechnology) of ultrafine fuel offer a new avenue for the combustion fine explosion effect and the new energy source. The EP technology has succeeded in the preservation of super-fine bubble Oil particle !! It can makes the aqueous gas reaction easy!! Succeeded in the stoppage of the oily water separation by development of original additive agent. Preservation and the transportation of petroleum are now possible!! Establishment of the combustion technology of the new fuel SN OIL has succeeded in the fuel reduction of maximum 50% and the large reduction of Nox. Succeeded in the development of own combustion method of SN OIL.Fuel-efficient and environmental program were clear up simultaneously!! Succeeded in the establishment of the original accurate mixing technology and in-line ultrasonic technology. Succeeded in the ultrasonic wave generation which come out to own hydrodynamics development. The inside cleansing of a furnace, tank and pipes have solved easily and at low cost.

Superiority of EP SN OIL manufacturing system

Ultrafine nanotechnology of EP HolisticallyEfield of industrial application of this present invention is which can achieve an effect without changing the existing facilities greatly and does not lose the existing energy. The existing facilities can be effectively used without losing the existing energy, while attaining the inhibiting effect and environmental pollution inhibiting effect of oil fuel simultaneously. The present invention has simultaneous effect on both energy saving and an environmental improvement, as well as the way of thinking, improvement, and reform technology about the law of energy motion.


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