Our Company profile

Name of company Eco Prana Co.Ltds
Head office:
806-2, Misa, Ichikawa-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo, 679-2335 Japan
Miki Factory:
724-361, Okiharu, Bessho-cho, Miki-city, Hyogo, 673-0442 Japan
http://www.ecoprana.co.jp/ep/http://www.ecoprana.co.jp/ (Japanese)
TEL: +81-794-86-0650 FAX: +81-794-88-8044

What is "EcoPrana"
Prana is the Sanskrit word for "Life force".In Oriental medicine, and martial arts, etc. the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe(reference:Wikipedia).Thus, our company name EcoPrana means "Ecological life force". Therefor, our mission is create new type of green & clean energy.

Profile Establishment: September 2009
CEO : Kaoru Uno
No. of resistration:1406-01-009570 membership of professional institutions:Chamber of Commerce of Kobe


Approach of environmental improvement together with improved fuel efficiency.


Company history
January 2008 Start business of petroleum-new fuel development
June 2008 breakthrough the test equipment of new fuel product
September 2009 Establishment of Eco Prana Co.Ltds
March 2010 Started the project of new fuel product equipment
May 2010 Completion of the No. 1 test model.
January 2011 Completion of the New fuel NN OIL manufacture equipment.
August 2011 The equipment Operating deployment started.
November 2011 Succeeded in 20% reduction of fuel by the on-site demonstration test in large-sized furnace.
December 2011 Succeeded in new fuel (solubilization) manufacturer of diesel oil and bunker A.
May 2012 Start Overseas deployment
November 2012 Start on-site test at the major Lime fuctory
May 2013 Super New Nano OIL release
September 2013 Released the All-weather type machine
May 2014 Moved into Miki factory from Takasago
 December 2014  PCT Patent registered of New fuel' manufacturing method & manufacturing method
 March 2015  Via PCT Patent JP issued as a patent