EP technology

Transition of the conventional technology to new fuel as SN OIL & SUPER SN OIL.

The video introduction introduction factory results
*Data Aug 11th 2015yr at Cement Factory in Japan
Subjects Base Oil 100% SN OI System SN OIL Effect
Production 1,000kg 1,000kg 100%
Base oil consumption 194.78L 153.26L 26.28%Down
Temperature in the furnace 937° 981° 4.48%Up
 Effluent gas temperature 89° 91° 2.19%Up
*The average temperature of ten places of actual survey in the large furnace (all rise confirmation)*The effluent gas temperature 2 hours keeping mean

The effect of the new technology by heavy oil.
The actual proof of environmental improvement effect by SN OIL.
The fuel consumption saving effect of SN OIL .
The mothballing tech promise of new fuel technology.

Content of the sample of above picture.
Sample location Date of sampling / typeCertificate No.Water ratio(%)
Left Base Oil 6th Nov 2014 / Base OIL124/140
Right SN heavy Oil water rate 50% 8th Oct 2014/ SN fuel Oil434211-150

SN Bunker C Heavy Fuel for Engine Test at 2011yr April 27th.

University-Business Alliance Research Institute in Japan

Diesel Engine Combustion Room by SN Heavy OIL of Water ratio 40%.
=Video Grab Image in Engine Room Firing=

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Proof of the formal data of a JIS standard

Sample : Heavy Base OIL in Japan of JIS Inspection date of delivery : 13th Nov 2014
Date of sampling : 13th November 2014
Report No. : 124/14
Sampling point : Shikoku lime factory tank in Japan

Analysis result                         
Subject to analysis unitHeavy Base OIL

Test report (Origin)
total calorific value Mj/kg 42.64
water volume % 0.05
Sulfur content % 2.33
Density (15 deg C) g/cm30.9476
Kinematic,mm2/s cSt. 152.30

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SN Fuel OIL vs Base OIL JIS Proof                          http://ecoprana.co.jp/data/SN OIL VS BASE OIL.pdf へのリンク

SN heavy oil manufacturing Equipment

manufacturing Equipment

The above is SN heavy oil manufacturing Equipment at Japan.Total length is about 15m.
Below is sampling the SN heavy Oil.
(CEO of Miki factory at Sep2014.)

manufacturing Equipment

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Environment effect data PROOF

The comparison table of NN OIL & Base OIL (Lime actuals plant in Japan)
Date of measurement : 22nd Nov 2012
(Average/(Same air ratio) <
Measurement item Base oil 100% used Kilnb
(Confrontation air rate %)
NN oil used Kiln
(Confrontation air rate %)
Reduction rate (%)
CO (ppm) 112.66025.99076.900 Down
CO2 (%) 7.4666.06018.830 Down
Nox (ppm) 85.33061.29028.170 Down
Effluent gas( C°) 70.23081.33015.800 Up

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Wanted ! World market Agent for SN Fuel system promotion

Lime actuals plant in Japan

Promotion for SN Fuel Oil system expansion to global market.
Japan brand to environment friendly
Why not walk with us to global smile !
Please contact with us.

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